Website FAQ’s

What type of written content is allowed on Kink Space?
Website content may consist of written content of a lifestyle nature. This content can include education articles and materials as well as creative original works and other manners self expression.
You must either be the creator of said work, or have legal right to publish it. Copyrighted work that you do not have permission to use, articles meant to inflame, belittle, ridicule, cause harm to, or otherwise harass another person it strictly forbidden.

What type of photographic or illustrative content is allowed on Kink Space?
Photographs or illustrations depicting nudity, partial or complete, are permitted on this site so long as they are of a legal and of consentual content.
Individuals posting photographic or illustrative material must adhere to the following rules:
They are the owner or creator of the content or have express permission from the owner or creator to post the content.
The item in its entirety shall not contain any activity that is illegal.
If the photograph or illustration contains a person, the person within the depiction must must have given consent to be depicted within the content and is of legal age to give such consent.
The individual within the photograph or illustration must be over the age of 18.
All photographs or illustrations presented on this site are the responsibility of the individual posting the content, this website does not produce its own photographic or illustrative content.

Is Kink Space a dating or 'dating' website?
Absolutely Not.
This site is intended to provide a community focused on lifestyle awareness and expression and to provide its members with an opportunity to both learn and network with other like minded individuals.

Can I meet someone in person that I met on Kink Space?
Due to the potential dangers of real life meeting with people that you have met online, we highly caution against this type of interaction and thus never recommend doing this and encourage our members not to.

Why can't I use some features of Kink Space?
Although Kink/Space if free for general use, some features require a Pro Membership to access, these features include; Creating a group or page, writing an article, or posting an item for sale in the marketplace.  If you wish to use any of these features, we encourage you to join as a Pro Member.